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Spa Promotion until end of December 2023

In this spa campaign, specific treatments of Bamboo Spa by L'OCCITANE are being offered at special prices.
* 120 minutes -180 minutes treatment packages: 30% discount
* Other treatments: Buy 1, Get 1 Free (except for facial treatments) = Pay for 1 person, get 1 free for 2nd person

※ Cannot be combined with other promotions or offers.
※ The terms of this promotion are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

Verbena Bamboo Spa Packages [ SIGNATURE SPA ]

At the Bamboo Spa by L'OCCITANE, the must-try experience is our unique signature Verbena Bamboo Therapy. This unique massage promotes circulation, release deep muscular tension knots and delivers a gentle lymphatic drainage that all bring you to delightful state of relaxation and well-being.

★ Verbena Bamboo Fusion Therapy  ★ 
60 minutes  Rp.1,350,000 /person

Ideal for persons with chronic tiredness or who want to experience a unique therapy 
This Fusion Therapy is a specialized massage using traditional Balinese bamboo to stimulate the flow of energy within the body. Varied lengths of bamboo sticks are massaged to the body using rolling techniques and long deep strokes combined with our exclusive Verbena blend. They target tense muscles and provide therapeutic relief to sore and stressed joints. 
[Verbena Foot Bath Ritual / Bamboo Massage / Verbena Shower Gel & Body Lotion]

★ Verbena Bamboo Well-being Escape ★ 
120 minutes  Rp.2,416,500 /person

Ideal for anyone who experiences lack of energy 

As a first step, the whole body will be thoroughly exfoliated with the Citrus Bamboo polish, to remove dead cells and effectively prepare skin for further treatment. After indulging in Verbena foaming Bath, body will be ready to receive Verbena Bamboo Fusion Therapy, a signature massage that features traditional Balinese Bamboo sticks and revitalizing Verbena to stimulate the flow of energy. As a result, the whole body feels refreshed and re-invigorated. 
[Verbena Foot Bath ritual / Citrus Bamboo Body Polish / Verbena Foaming Bath / Verbena Bamboo Fusion Therapy]

★ Secret of Verbena Bamboo Deluxe ★ 
180 minutes  Rp.3,051,000 /person

Ideal for those who want to get an exclusive Bamboo Spa by L'Occitane experience 

This luxurious body treatment begins with a refreshing Citrus Bamboo Polish infused with citrus essence, followed by a relaxing Verbena Foaming Bath to rid the body of toxins and stress. Journey continues with a 60 minutes Verbena Bamboo Fusion Therapy massage using traditional Balinese bamboo sticks and the refreshing benefits of our exclusive Verbena formula, to stimulate the flow of energy within the body. Final indulgence to complete the journey will be a L'OCCITANE Customized Facial for overall glow and well-being. 
[Verbena Foot Bath ritual / Citrus Bamboo Body Polish / Verbena Foaming Bath / Verbena Bamboo Fusion Therapy / Customized L'OCCITANE Facial]

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  • Prices are inclusive of 13.75% tax & 10% service charge.

Treatment Package

★ Shea Ultra-Moisturizing Experience ★
120 minutes  Rp.2,416,500 /person
Ideal for anyone who suffers from stress or has rough and dry skin
This Shea ultra-moisturizing treatment begins with a Shea Nourishing Scrub containing 5% of Shea butter and walnut shell powder to gently remove dead cells and smooth the skin. The Experience then continues with a Provencal Bath and our Aromachologie Relaxing massage, followed by the application of Shea Body Lotion to deeply nourish and protect the skin. As a result, your body is left satin-soft…like entirely renewed!
[ Shea Butter Ultra rich Body Scrub / Provencal Bath / Aromachologie Relaxing Massage / Shea Butter Body Lotion ]

★ Delicious Banana Leaf Wrap ★ === NEW ===
120 minutes  Rp.2,416,500 /person
A choice of L’OCCITANE body wrap will help to keep your skin soft, smooth, healthy and well nourished. While the wrap is on, and covered up with BANANA LEAF – An Ancient Art of Healing, Banana Leaves are packed with Plant based compounds called polyphenols enrich with natural anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Traditionally it is used to treat various skin conditions as Detox Ritual.
This ritual is combined with our most rejuvenating indulgence treatments to provide you with an ultimate memory. Begin with the body Wrap of your choice and indulge in a Verbena Foaming Bath. Your body will be ready to receive the massage of your choice, and whole body feels totally rejuvenated.
[ Verbena Foot Bath Ritual / L’Occitane Body Wrap of Your Choice / Verbena Foaming Bath / Massage of your choice ]

★ Almond Silhouette Reshape Program ★
120 minutes  Rp.2,416,500 /person
Ideal for new-moms, at spring time and to address lack of firmness
This Almond slimming treatment focuses on the areas that are the most concerned by cellulite and fatty deposits: legs,stomach and buttocks. The Almond Supple Skin Oil acts on skin elasticity and helps prevent the appearance of stretchmarks. Then the patented complex in Delightful Shape combines the contouring, anti-water-retention and anti-fatstorage properties of almond proteins, essential oils and caffeine. As a result, the whole body discovers a lighter-feeling sensation!
[ Almond Delicious Paste / Provencal Bath / Reshaping Massage with Almond Supple Skin Oil / Almond Delightful Shape ]

★ Journey to Provence ★
135 minutes  Rp.2,592,000 /person
Enjoy 60 minutes of relaxing Aromachologie body massage based on Swedish effleurages, Chinese acupressure points and long kneading Balinese movements. The heavenly-soft massage experience will bring you to a deep level of relaxation and leave your mind and body totally rested. Afterwards, L'OCCITANE customized 75 minutes complete facial will leave your skin glowing with youth and radiance. Your face and body will be left feeling deeply rejuvenated!
[ Aromachologie Relaxing Massage / Complete Customized L'OCCITANE Facial ]

★ Wings of Love ★
180 minutes  Rp.3,051,000 /person
A couple's delight! It begins with a 60 minutes Aromachologie Relaxing Massage followed by your desired L'OCCITANE body scrub. You are then invited to relax together in a L'OCCITANE Provencal bath and continue the escape with a 60 minutes customized L'OCCITANE facial. Therapists will analyze your skin type and recommend the most suitable facial line to meet your needs. As a result, your skin is left more comfortable and radiant; your whole body discovers a blissful state of relaxation!
[ Aromachologie Relaxing Massage / Favourite Body Scrub / Provencal Bath / Customized L'Occitane Facial ]

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  • Prices are inclusive of 13.75% tax & 10% service charge.

banana leaf

Holistic Treatments

★ Shirodara ★
60 minutes  Rp.1,539,000 /person
Ideal for persons with sleeping problems
This deeply stimulating ancient Indian ritual is an enlightening and transformative experience. It begins with a hair and scalp massage using our authentic medicinal shanty oil. Next you will experience 30 minutes of a slow pouring of warm oil onto the forehead, which stimulates the third eye or the sixth Chakras, the window to the soul.

★ Re-Energizing Sun Stones ★
90 minutes  Rp.1,660,500 /person
Ideal for persons with muscle pains, sports enthusiasts or those with a hyperactive streak
Swedish effleurages and Shiatsu pressure points are associated to the deep & penetrating warmth of natural basalt stones. The stones are placed on the 7 Chakras – traditionally know as the body's key energetic points – to improve the flow of energies and help rebalance & mind.

★ Ayurvedic Journey ★
120 minutes  Rp.2,592,000 /person
Ideal for those experiencing high level of stress or poor sleep patterns
It starts with a 60 minute Aromachologie relaxing massage to stimulate circulation and relieve stress, followed by Ayurvedic shirodara including hair and scalp massage and a 30 minutes shanty oil pouring onto the third eye through scalp. This ayurvedic journey induces a blissful state of serenity and expanded consciousness.
[ Aromachologie Relaxing Massage / Ayurvedic Shirodara ]

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★ Pure Balinese Massage ★
60 minutes  Rp.1,215,000 /person
90 minutes  Rp.1,606,500 /person
Ideal for persons with chronic tiredness
This traditional Balinese massage combines palm and thumb pressures to reduce tensions, fatigues, improve lymphatic and muscular system. This massage helps to improve blood flow and ease stress.

★ Aromachologie Relaxing Massage ★
60 minutes  Rp.1,215,000 /person
90 minutes  Rp.1,606,500 /person
Ideal for persons with sleeping problems
Swedish effleurage, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage technique come together to stimulate circulation, ease tensions & release stress. Aromachologie essential oils – lavender, tea tree and geranium – ensure complete relaxation.
The body and mind feel truly calm: sleep can come more easily.

★ Deep Tissue Intense Relief ★
60 minutes  Rp.1,215,000 /person
90 minutes  Rp.1,606,500 /person
Ideal for persons with muscle pains or who need to recuperate after a long journey
This massage combines Lomi-Lomi deep pressures, acupressure points and gentle stretching. It eases muscle tension, with a focus on the back, shoulders & neck area. As a result, the whole body feels refreshed and deeply rebalanced.

★ Well-Being Cocoon for Mom-to-be ★
60 minutes  Rp.1,215,000 /person
Ideal for pregnant women
The exclusive massage specially designed for the moms-to-be delivers enhanced relaxation and well-being. Based on the gentle effleurage movements of Swedish and Balinese techniques, more specifically applied on the back and legs, the massage releases tensions & eases tight muscles. The delightful massage is associated with a nourishing formula, enriched in grape and apricot seed oils to gently accompany the changes linked to maternity. As a result, moms-to-be will leave this cocoon of well-being deeply relaxed, calm & regenerated.

★ Shea Soothing Massage ★
60 minutes  Rp.1,174,500 /person
Fine Shea and well-known calming benefits are fused with a blend of traditional massage techinuques-Balinese, Swedish, and Chinese.all come together to comfort the body and deeply nourish and protect the skin. As a result, your body is left satin-soft… like entirely renewed!

★ Shea Nurturing Massage ★
90 minutes  Rp.1,606,500 /person
Ideal for those who want to get a first taste of the Spa L'OCCITANE experience and those with a high-activity life style
This exclusive massage features all of our signature techniques to best target individual needs: Relaxing light strokes and deep tissue pressures focused especially on the back area release stress and muscular tension, while revitalizing strokes and hot stones combat tiredness, enhance toxin elimination and boost energy. The nourishing, repairing and protecting properties of Shea butter make this massage a moment of pure escape with extraordinary benefits for your skin. Skin is left soft and deeply nourished. The whole body feels replenished!

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  • Prices are inclusive of 13.75% tax & 10% service charge.

Anti-Aging Facials

★ Immortelle Secret of Youth ★
75 minutes  Rp.1,660,500 /person
Firming and Lifting – for 30+ and all skin type
This facial rich in organic Immortelle essential oil to stimulate cell renewal and collagen synthesis effectively addresses the visible signs of aging: wrinkles, skin slackening and lack of smoothness. It is based on our signature lifting and firming massage sequence, which, together with activation of specific acupressure points, will stimulate micro-circulation and relax the muscular tensions that cause fine lines.

Drainage Facial

★ Shea Nourishing Comfort ★
75 minutes  Rp.1,660,500 /person
Repairing and Protecting – for dry and dehydrated skin, all age
This facial addresses anyone concerned by dehydration and lack of softness, either due to skin nature or to external aggressions. Combined with our signature drainage massage sequence that enhances the ingredient's effectiveness by boosting microcirculation, its repairing and hydrating properties will bring comfort and nutrition to skin. As a result, skin is left deeply moisturized and nourished, and discovers a new feeling of comfort.

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  • Prices are inclusive of 13.75% tax & 10% service charge.