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Tree Spa with View at Mango Tree Spa by L'OCCITANE

Opening Ritual on Your SPA Experience - Foot Massage by L'OCCITANE
November 15, 2017

Whatever massages therapy you choose, our SPA treatment at either Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane or Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane will always start with foot massage as a ritual.
Foot massage is good for the health to soothe the pain and to relax yourself after a long walk. Before your spa treatment begins, you will have foot massage ritual to release your tension and to refresh your body. Foot Massage begins with feet washing whereby your therapist will firstly help you to wash your feet with warm water and L’Occitane product, sugar cube. It is then followed by a gentle pressing on the pressure points to reduce the tension. After gently pressing on the pressure points, the therapist will start to gently massage on your foot soles, up to your leg. When it is done, you may enjoy your full body massage with the therapy that you have chosen.
Reading is not enough to satisfy your curiosity? Why not try out our Spa Treatment at Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane or at Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane...


★ 欧舒丹全季乳木果3小时以及下午茶 ★ 
美金 125/人,已包含服务费和税

- 60分钟 乳木果舒适面部滋润(足浴,洁肤,脸部磨砂,蒸汽,经典脸部护理和淋巴排毒,面膜,脸部保湿) 
- 90分钟 乳木果自然身体按摩 
- 30分钟 乳木果裹肤 
- 下午茶  


★ 欧舒丹春季无暇牡丹 3小时配以下午茶 ★ 
美金 125每位,包含服务费和税

- 75分钟 精华牡丹脸部护理(足浴,洁肤,脸部磨砂,蒸汽,经典脸部护理和淋巴排毒配以牡丹乳霜,面膜,脸部保湿) 
- 90分钟 巴厘岛传统按摩 
- 15分钟 肩部按摩  
- 下午茶


★ 欧舒丹夏季阳光健康套餐3小时配以午餐或晚餐 ★ 
美金 175每位(含税)

- 90分钟 面部提升脸部新技能按摩(足浴,洁肤,脸部磨砂,蒸汽,经典脸部护理和最新提升按摩,新型面膜,提升足部按摩,脸部保湿
- 90分钟. 全新草本身体按摩
- 午餐或者晚餐(烤鳅鱼片,一球沙冰,咖啡或茶)

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